Components: Frame

 The wind turbine frame is built around the yaw axis tube which is mounted on the turbine tower.  With the spindle mounted to the frame, the wind drives the turbine blades to rotate with the magnet disks which are both mounted on the spindle hub.  The stator is fixed to the frame but positioned between the rotating magnet disks in order to generate electricity.  The tail keeps the turbine oriented into the wind yet allows it to turn out of high winds to protect the turbine.

The parameters for the 8 foot and 12 foot wind turbines being built are from Hugh Piggott's "A Wind Turbine Recipe Book", January 2009 - English units edition,  The structural design of the turbine frames is taken from Bartman & Fink "Homebrew Wind Power",  The tail hinge is a prototype design that is documented in Components > Tail.