Got Wind?

Wind Turbine Works was established to fabricate home built electrical generating micro wind turbine components and kits. The generator is based on a permanent magnet design resulting in a simple, reliable machine.

Wind turbine renewable energy systems are not typically cost effective for locations where grid power is available, unless or until the grid becomes unreliable. A micro wind turbine will work well in any location with good wind, on a tower 30 feet high or higher and with no obstructions for 300 feet or more. There are simply not enough deep cycle batteries available for every household to have a renewable energy battery backup system - so get yours first.

Startup efforts were delayed by the decision to purchase and develop a property with a good wind resource where our workshop will be located. We continue to work on tooling, processes and fixtures as well as stocking materials for home built wind turbine components and kits.

The property has been purchased, it has good wind and good sun. A metal building has been built on the property for cnc plasma torch, welding, cnc router, powder coating and painting. The machine shop is expected to be completed this year.

Wind Turbine Works