Documentation Description Link
Scoraig Wind Electric Hugh Piggott - Scoraig Wind Electric Website, recommended for anyone interested in building their own electrical generating micro wind turbines.
Permanent Magnet Generator Construction Manual

Hugh Piggott - Scoraig Wind Electric - February 2001, a specification for the electrical generator used in Scoraig Wind Electric wind turbines, as of 2001, the generator is also applicable to hydro energy sources.

PMG Construction Manual.pdf
Other Power Lots of good info based on experience in building wind turbines.  The 2008 "Homebrew Wind Power" book is a great wind turbine building manual and reference.
Wind Stuff Now Wind generator information, components and kits.
Wind Generator Tower Ian Woofenden - Home Power. The basics. Wind Generator Tower.pdf
Get A Grip Paul Gipe - Raising a guyed wind generator tower with a grip hoist. Get A Grip.pdf
Supplier Products Link
Aircraft Spruce Leading edge tape for wind turbine blades.
Applied Magnets Neodymium magnets, magnet wire, fiberglass turbine blades.
Fiberglass Services Wholesale supplier of fiberglass materials and tools.
Grizzly Industrial Metalworking machinery-tools, lathes, mills, band saws, box/pan brake.
Mercotac Slip rings for rotating electrical connections.
Mouser Electronics Electronic components including bridge rectifiers.
Trailer Parts Depot Trailer parts, hub and axle components and assemblies.
Woodward Fab Sheet metal working equipment, slip rolls and bead rollers.
ULine Shipping Supply Specialists Stainless steel banding.
Quality Bearings & Components Brass sintered thrust washers.
Southern Tool JET cable grip hoist pullers.