Outback Power GS8048, 8 kW, 48 Volt Hybrid Radian Inverter – $3750, GS Load Center – $620. This inverter, on the right in the photo, can be used as-is but will operate based on the manufacturer’s default configuration. To re-configure the inverter and view detailed inverter events and operation information requires a MATE3(s), $450/$475, Advanced System Display and Controller (Not Included). To view detailed battery events and charge state information requires a HUB Communication Manager, $175, and a FLEXnet DC, $300 (Not Included). Retail $4370, priced at $3500 for Inverter and Load Center.

Cotek ST-1000-112, 12 Volt, 1000 Watt, Pure Sine Wave Inverter. Can be AC hardwired, has built-in 30 Amp transfer switch and power saving mode. Retail $360, priced at $290.

Cotek CX1225, 12 Volt, 25 Amp Battery Charger. Compatible with Lead Acid, Li-ion, Gel and AGM batteries. 5 stage battery charging: 2 bulk, 2 absorption and float modes. Output power OK and alarm signals. Retail $186, priced at $150.