Lincoln Electric Weld Pak 100 HD Flux Core Wire Feed Welder with 5 – 2 pound rolls of flux core welding wire, 120 Volt, 20 Amp outlet suggested. Welder retail $400, welding wire retail $20 per roll. Total retail $500, priced at $250 cash.

JET 1.5 Ton Cable Grip Puller with 66 foot long by 7/16 inch diameter wire rope. JET Grip Pullers lift, lower, stretch or pull heavy loads, are manufactured with lightweight zinc-plated steel to resist corrosion and a multiple clutch brake system increasing safety on the jobsite. Retail $375, priced at $300 cash.

Central Hydraulics Model 96718 Hydraulic Punch Driver Kit, retail $100, with additional 2-7/8 and 3-1/2 punch and die, retail $30. This 14+2 piece hydraulic punch kit makes it quick and easy to punch holes in mild steel up to 11 gauge or stainless steel up to 16 gauge. The compact design makes it easy to take the hydraulic punch with you to any job site. Faster, easier and more precise than manual punches. Retail $130, priced at $105 cash for all.

Central Hydraulics Model 66150 Hydraulic Wire Crimping Tool. Crimp wires and butt connectors properly with this hydraulic wire crimper. This tool crimps 14 to 0 AWG copper and aluminum wires using steel crimping dies. Features include powder-coated jaws and a convenient on/off knob for simple ram retraction. Retail $70. priced at $56 cash.

Central Hydraulics Model 44899 Portable Hydraulic Kit with 4 tons of force for lifting, pushing, pulling, bending, straightening, and spreading, includes a full range of accessories, retail $150. Pull-Back Ram Model 33611 with 5 tons of force works with your hydraulic pump to pull, bend and straighten metal, 5 in. pulling capacity, can be used vertically or horizontally, retail $60. Total retail $210, priced at $125 cash.

Klein Tools EMT Conduit Benders with Angle Setter allows for quick, accurate repeated bends, wide foot pedal provides excellent stability and features angled grooves for extra traction, easily visible bold cast-in benchmark symbols, degree scales and multiplier scales help save time on the job. 1/2″ bender retail $40, 3/4″ bender retail $50, total reatil $90, priced at $72 cash for both.

Fiskars XA22 Hookaroon. The pointed, angled blade bites quickly and securely into firewood to make grabbing and moving logs easier. Use it to lift logs, drag logs or extend your reach when moving larger logs. A longer handle makes it an ideal tool for reducing the toll that stooping takes on your body during tough wood handling jobs. Retail $50, priced at $40 cash.